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Awesome! the first part of the flash fitted perfectly with your song, the rest of the flash was funny and minimal and the song also fitted (good thing.) What i liked about the flash is that the animation has a sort of carefree (funny faces)/freestyle (the movement of the bodies) feeling to it like the song itself (perhaps that is why the song blended well with the animation.) And it teaches you a moral :) 5/5.

kjhsdgf responds:

yeah i just kind of copypasta'd the song in there, then when it fit i was happy.
huzzah! i wanted at least a few people to actually read the moral to the story, its actually a really nice quote i heard from my brother.
thanks for the review!


WTF was that? Shit cat was on fucking drugs I swear to God all the fucking glitches and shit seriously...and what the hell was it with biting that dog? this crap deserves a 5/5...
(Hey u asked for it :D)

TheBoogley responds:

scriiiittt gnarrrbblleee ffssshhiiizzzzlllleeee! :D

Uberbots :)

The city background was similar to Thomas Pynchon's Gravity Rainbow cover (which is pretty awesome.) The graphics where amazing. Fun music and good concepts (robots rule...) worth seeing.

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awesome music

the music is pretty awesome, i suggest uploading it to the audio portal i'm sure it will get a lot of positive ratings.

Create and Destroy

ok so that was fucking awesome...originality 10/10 (i love the idea of building a game and destroying it completely seems kinda bitches brewy like.) The music made it seem cute and I just loved how the pixels got all screwed at the end (and the music distorted and stuff.) Very artistic.

Name of song

Loved the game. Not much else to say besides being surprised. Not bad.
What is the name of the song?

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Too much for me 2 handle

nah that's it i give up. There is nothing Pop like about this, this is far above pop. The chill freeform dream like background synths with the drums just own this song and the melody supports it so awesome. I love that change of structure with the space like radio sound (the pitch bend around there gives the song a type of asian feeling for a while) and the weird drum beats just add up to the dream quality of your song (the bass is also worth mentioning.) I love that unique chill out structure of yours, man keep it up your songs are just 2 good to be true. The ending also reminded me of the music you hear in tekken 4. 1000000/5

kjhsdgf responds:

why, thank you.
and thanks for the review!
it's so nice of you 2 say that.

is not really that bad

what is it with the bad reviews, sure if you fix somethings (maybe the bass) it will turn out better but this deserves way more than 0s and 2s at least you still have that freeform structure of yours. 4/5.

kjhsdgf responds:

lol it was a troll, i was just fucking with these people.
i wanted to see how they would get if someone basically insulted theire type of music.
sure i might make a mock trance one of these days, and it'll be a lot better quality, but this was not meant to be serious.

once again, pretty awesome.

ambient effects and good background sound, sounds good so far. I like the beat (i hope it gets higher) and it does sound a little higher. Still dig the background strings and stuff, i like how you add more ambient effects into this song compare to the ones i heard from you so far. Another awesome composition, 5/5 once again.

PoyzenJam responds:

thank you. your reviews are very helpful i was wondering about those things myself

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like the title

Idk what 2 say (no really.) It gives this type of eastern vibe (like the ouroboros symbol except with kick ass graphic design.) I like the different artistic design given 2 this (a caribbean theme with the plants , the forest/grass with mushrooms and plants) and the fact that you use both black and white and color. I like the theme at the end (i wish it was all that easy) maybe life? it also reminds me of outsider art (the style usually has a lot of different elements involved within an art piece your painting reminds me of Adolf Wölfli's artwork.) Hell of an awesome job, one that is worth beyond a 5/5. It contained all the essentials of an art piece, good structure, good themes, good title, and overall amazingness.)

VariantSeven responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate the review, you could critique art for a living, you're very observant. You were right about life being a theme through out, it was. I was going through a lot when I made this. Thank you for the kind words. :-)

Awesome title

I like the painting, the sloppiness is not bad (it actually makes the painting look better.) What i like about it is the color use, the monster color looks good with the sky (idk about it I like how it looks.) The color use is a 5/5, the fantasy/realism in the painting is another 5/5. And IDK it just looks freaking awesome. Good job man, 5/5.

Loath-some responds:

I'm a bit new to painting so I guess that's why it is a bit sloppy. But I'm glad it worked out anyway!

Thanks a lot!


Damn i loved the art style used in this. Its pretty awesome, the color and lighting effects were pretty accurate. It also holds essence of freeform even thought it does not look like it. Amazing job, 5.5,

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